On this page, you’ll find a collection of resources about things connected to Futurecon.


Costuming and “cosplay” are a big part of what Futurecon encourages: understanding what it’s like to be someone else.  Check out these resources…

A Cosplay Etiquette Primer — This PDF was created in response to abusive stories about cosplayers in the Canadian media.  Please download and distribute at your local convention.  Just let us know!  If you’re wondering why the majority of the pictures are of Liana… well… we knew we had the rights to those.

A Cosplay Etiquette Primer – final3

Queen of Hearts Costumes — Need advice on a costume?  Contact these good folks!  Want to hold a costume-related event that benefits Futurecon?  Drop them a line!


Epilepsy Toronto — A wealth of information about Epilepsy, including fact sheets.

Purple Day — You might notice that we at Futurecon love Purple Day a lot.  We are thrilled that Bill C-278, also known as the Purple Day Act, received Royal Assent in Canada and is now officially recognized by the government!

Epilepsy Ontario — An incredible source for information about Epilepsy

 Other Good Times and Good Causes

CREEKERS Youth Group — Growing up in the Jane Finch corridor, Liana understands the importance of Youth Groups to at-risk youth.  Run by Adam “High Road” Hodgins, Creekers is one of the best around.