Our Code of Conduct

Futurecon doesn’t have too many rules, but the ones we have are serious!  Please be respectful and considerate to other guests, and follow the instructions of our volunteers.  Futurecon reserves the right to refuse or revoke admission to anyone, without refund, based on the following guidelines.

Futurecon does not tolerate…

1. Violence, threats of violence, or any other action or gesture that compromises the safety of guests or volunteers.

2. Serious verbal/written abuse, or notable disruptive behaviour.  Notable disruptive behaviour can include, but is not restricted to, excessive heckling, and things that should be behind-closed-doors taking place in public spaces.

3. Harassment or hate speech of any kind.   Futurecon considers harassment to be a pattern of unwanted contact, attention, or behavior.  If someone says “No” or “Leave me alone” and you don’t listen, that is harassment.  Hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group, according to the laws of the Province of Ontario.

4. Exposing Futurecon, or its members, to conflicts of interest, legal difficulties, or unsafe situations.  This includes illegal drug use or underaged drinking.  We don’t care what you do in private.  Just don’t break the law.

5. Refusing to comply with the instructions of designated volunteers.

6. Excessively poor grooming, noticeable body odor, or excessive perfumes.  Seated meals have a dress code of smart casual.  General events require common sense appropriate attire.  Severe body odor isn’t just unpleasant — it can irritate medical conditions like allergies, asthma and migraines.

7. Photosniping.  Photosniping is the practice of photographing someone without their permission.  We understand you cannot control the background of photos in crowded rooms, but if you want to take someone’s picture, ask first.  Absolutely no photography of minors is permitted without their parent or guardian’s permission.

NOTE: There may be photography, audio and video collected by local media.  If, for reasons of privacy, you do not wish for your likeness or voice to be recorded for this purpose, please let Registration know.


Reporting an incident…

At any Futurecon event, the organizers will introduce themselves.  These are the people to go to if you need help.  Larger events, like New Year’s Eve, have an Operations Department.  They will be easily identifiable.

If you are unsure about whether to report an incident, we encourage you to talk to our staff.  We will discuss next steps with you before acting.  You should not be concerned about “getting someone in trouble” or being seen as a gossip.  We want everyone to have the most enjoyable time possible, and we’re here to help.


Proof of Payment Policy…

Futurecon’s various events have different admissions policies.  If you are asked to wear a badge or wristband, yes, it is a requirement.  Wristbands do not have to be worn on the wrist.  They can be worn anywhere on your person provided they are easily visible.  We use wristbands instead of badges because they do not damage delicate fabrics.


Prop Weapons Policy…

Futurecon likes to treat adults like adults.  Real weapons, or items which can be easily mistaken for real weapons, are not permitted.  If your props or replica weapons are causing a hazard in a crowded room or hallway, you may be asked to leave the item at the Registration Desk or back in your hotel room.  Futurecon is not responsible for loss or damage to prop items.


Alcohol and Smoking…

Futurecon complies with all laws and by-laws.  Keep an eye out for posted signs.  Alcohol is served only by the hotel bartender, and at private events held away from the main gathering areas.  Alcohol is served at private parties at the discretion of the hosts.  Certain Futurecon volunteers hold their Smart Serve certification, and have the authority to instruct party hosts to stop serving guests who have overindulged.


Kids at Futurecon…

Futurecon welcomes families!  All daytime activities are developed to be fun for all ages.  However, your children are your responsibility at all times while at a Futurecon event.  Furthermore, like at a wedding reception, we cannot guarantee that the actions and comments of other guests and performers will be appropriate for children, so please use discretion regarding which events your children attend.  We respect the rights of parents to determine for themselves what is appropriate for their children.

Scheduled performances which are not suitable for children will be indicated.

If there are enough children pre-registered for a given event, it is possible to create specific programming tracks for them.