IMG_4347Futurecon hospitality believes in a friendly atmosphere and value for your money, which is why our Behemoth Bucks system extends to the Hospitality Suite!

Our Head of Hospitality, Declan Dennehy, and his Hospitality team, wants to welcome you the Futurecon way!  Below is an artist’s rendering of Declan, AKA “The Voice of Reason”, because he hides from cameras.

VoiceOfReasonNoBG_300This year, the Hospitality Suite will be located in room 916 of the Radisson Toronto East.  The Hospitality Suite provides a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy food and beverages that you earn instead of buy.

Why do we use the Behemoth Bucks system, instead of just making the stuff complementary… or charging, as other events do?  Well, Futurecon is a mindset, and we want to actively reward good deeds and a positive mindset.  The Behemoth Bucks are a simple system to do that, because let’s face it, most of the time life is really unfair and negative.  Futurecon is a break from all that.