Futurecon 4 Programming

What is a Happening?Heroized Highroad full figure-colored

A Happening is an event at Futurecon.  Yes, okay, the term is borrowed from hippies, but they can’t be dirty hippies, because Futurecon gives out soap.  (We really do.)

A Happening includes the participants.  It is active.  But it also has a message.    Happenings can be about teamwork, self expression, positive thinking, body image confidence, or reducing cynicism.

Happenings are not critiques of a specific director, comparisons of which movie is better, or which sci-fi babe is the “hottest”.  That’s what the internet is for, right?

Each year, Happenings are developed around loose themes.  If you have an idea for a Happening, join our facebook group!

Futurecon’s head of programming, Adam Hodgins, is a youth pastor in his civilian identity.  Adam works with teens to develop good self-esteem, strong morals, and a love of superheroes.  These things are important.