Futurecon 4 Prices and Registration

Radisson-Toronto-EastFuturecon 4: New Home, Same Fun!


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Futurecon has moved to a more convenient location!  Our new hotel is the Radisson Toronto East, at 55 Hallcrown Place, Toronto, just a short distance from Fairview Mall and Don Mills subway station!  Guests of Futurecon get discounted rooms for $108 taxes INCLUDED.   However, the remaining rooms in the hotel block have been released. If you have not yet booked your hotel room, you must do so directly with Astrid Pintresia at the Radisson to get the preferred rate. Telephone: 416-493-7000 ext 237, a.pintresia@radissonhoteltorontoeast.com

With our new home, we have some new pricing!  If you’re planning on coming just for the New Year’s Eve dinner and party, registration will only cost you $30, plus your buffet meal!  New Year’s Eve for $100 a person!

Attending as media?  get in for just $5 with proof of your credentials!  All you have to do is do something to promote Futurecon through your outlet!  Why do we charge media a small fee?  Because it covers our base entrance costs, making sure that the most money possible goes to charity!

Our New Years Eve buffet will be returning with an improved menu.  Get your space at the table for $70 inclusive!  (That means all your taxes and gratuities are included in the price!)

Pricing at a Glance

Multi-Day Registrations:

Early Bird Registration: $45 (Until November 15th. Earns you 5 extra Behemoth Bucks)

Pre-Registration: $50 (until December 9th)

Last-Minute Registration: $60

Add ons:

– December 30th Evening Reception: $20 (10 Behemoth Bucks)

– Assemble-Your-Own Shawarma add-on: $9

– Chicken Skewers add-on: $9 (for 3 skewers)

– December 31st Behemoth Buffet: $70 (includes souvenir glass and 20 Behemoth Bucks)

–  January 1st Breakfast: $13 (Note: this is the only meal that is not vegan-based. If you are vegan, alternate options will be made available. 5 Behemoth Bucks. Vegans will get 5 Behemoth Bucks for saving more animal product for everyone else.)

Single-Day Prices:

December 30th admission: $40 (Includes Burlesque Show, Karaoke, Coffee, Tea, Juices and Wine if legal age, evening food reception, and 10 Behemoth Bucks)

– Assemble-Your-Own Shawarma add-on: $9

– Chicken Skewers add-on: $9 (for 3 skewers)

December 31st All-Day Registration: $110 (Includes Behemoth Cartoon Brunch Bonanza and afternoon programming, Behemoth Buffet, New Year’s Eve Party, silent auction, and all-night afterparty, souvenir glass, and 25 Behemoth Bucks)

December 31st After 5pm Registration: $100 (Includes Behemoth Buffet, New Year’s Eve Party with toast glass at midnight, silent auction, and all-night afterparty, souvenir glass and 25 Behemoth Bucks)

January 1st: $33 (Includes Behemoth Bucks Auction and Breakfast Buffet until 11:30am, 5 Behemoth Bucks)

Media registration: $5 with validated credentials. Includes no food or Behemoth Bucks. You want ’em? Gotta earn ’em.

NEW for Futurecon 4!

We are creating a completely new menu for our reception on December 30th.  The food will be simpler, with no more mystery puff pastries, a base menu that is completely vegan, and a customizable amount of meat!  This meal starts at $20, with each meat option being $9 — we know how you guys like your meat.

Our cartoon breakfast is becoming a brunch!  Instead of charging for a boxed lunch this year, we are going to combine the cereal breakfast and lunch on December 31st into a brunch that runs from 11am to 1pm at no extra charge if you choose the full 3 day registration!

Unlike the Holiday Inn, the Radisson offers a full hot breakfast buffet for $13 after taxes, HALF the price of the brunch at the Holiday Inn.  The kitchen has agreed to extend breakfast hours on January 1st 2014 to 11:30AM for our guests, but we must provide them numbers, so register!

Other Food Stuff!

Our BK run has become a Wendy’s run… because Wendy’s is open late, and more people seem to like it.  There is also a Tim Horton’s very close to the hotel.

There will be additional food available in the hospitality suite after the Behemoth Bucks Auction on January 1st.  Gluten free options are also available in the hospitality suite.


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