Friends of Futurecon Article Submission Guidelines

So you want to join the conversation!  That’s great!

We welcome submissions from anyone in the Futurecon community.  We’re looking for fresh ideas, lively but civil debate, and articles that defy nerd stereotypes.

Short fiction, art and photography are also welcome.  Stories must be “PG-13” rated — no graphic sex or huge quantities of words you can’t say on TV please.  We cannot post fan fiction because we don’t have the licenses for those characters.

We’re NOT looking to allow you to settle personal scores, attack identifiable individuals or groups, or use this site as your personal sounding board.  A personal touch is great, but don’t take it too far.  Fair criticism and references to types of people are okay.  We just don’t want people airing beefs on our site.

We will happily accept properly spelled, properly punctuated articles.  Please write in paragraphs and make sure the article has a clearly stated thesis, as well as a clear beginning, middle, and end.  Please use a standard font so there are no compatibility issues.  You do not need to use manuscript format.  The more basic the font, the better, as it must be adapted to wordpress formatting.  Please include any required bold or italics in the body of the text.  Do not italicize titles or headers.

Ideally, your essay should be between 800 and 3000 words, but exceptions can be made.  Short stories should be a maximum of 5000 words.

Please ensure that any photos you submit are yours to use and free of copyrights you do not hold.

As Futurecon is a volunteer organization, there is no compensation for articles.  However, contributors will be eligible for other incentives related to our various events.

If you choose to write under a pseudonym, Futurecon must have, but will not disclose without permission, your real name.

Feel free to promote your own small business.  Please avoid endorsing large companies, however, as that conflicts with the work of our sponsorship team.  References for the sake of detail are allowable where appropriate.

Futurecon reserves the right to refuse or remove any article that does not meet our criteria, or violates any part of our mandate.

Please submit articles to futureconsubmissions(at)