Friends of Futurecon

Free thought can be subjected to intense stigma if it’s presented in the wrong way, or if the audience is not open-minded or mature enough for an adult debate.  Since Futurecon is committed to reducing stigma, we decided to experiment with our website being a content hub for lively, engaging thought.  Our content providers are known as “Friends of Futurecon”, because even though the articles are spirited, perhaps provocative, and at times controversial, we’re all friends here, and debate the ideas expressed, not the character of the author.  Because of this, contributors are given the option of writing under pseudonyms if they choose, especially if the content is outside their normal wheelhouse, or is written via a character.

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 Recent articles by Friends of Futurecon

“Doctor Who: Platonic Tour Guide Afraid of Commitment” by Colonel Mak

…the Doctor is passionate, adventurous, positive, and fun. These are all qualities women want in a man… However… Our Time Lord is seriously lacking in one area: he can’t commit…

“Eight Reasons to Boycott Ender’s Game” by Colonel Mak

Before you start a secular crusade or LGBT-friendly war against people who want to see Ender’s Game, consider the following reasons why some people oppose the boycott.