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Appearing at Futurecon!  Note: all performance times are subject to change

Ed the Sock and Liana K — edthesock.com

Your hosts!  Winners of the 2011 Canadian Comedy Award for Best TV Show!

Ed the Sock is a true rag-to-riches story.  Debuting in 1987 on a local cable-access show in Toronto, Ed has steadily ascended from novelty character to become a Canadian pop culture hero and celebrated wit.  Ed now has THREE award-winning shows to his credit: Ed and Red’s Night Party!, Smartass: The Ed the Sock Report, and This Movie Sucks!, as well as one of the most successful shows in Muchmusic’s history: Fromage.  No wonder the Globe and Mail newspaper listed Ed as one of the 40 most Influential People in Canadian media.

Liana Kerzner, AKA Liana K, is one of the founders of Futurecon, as well as Ed’s most popular sidekick.  She has been a talk radio and television host, academic presenter, acclaimed documentary producer, comic book writer, journalist, and media and pop culture critic.  She has presented papers, articles or essays on topics as varied as cosplay, women in gaming, bullying in World of Warcraft, and Mormon Cosmology in the Twilight Saga.  She was nominated for a 2011 Aurora Award for Futurecon’s inaugural year.

Ed and Red will be appearing at various events throughout the weekend.


Mark “DaGopher” Dobres — gopherthemusic.ca

Returning to Futurecon from Winnipeg, Manitoba!   Born Mark Dobres, DaGopher got his name when his son saw him dancing to a song that was playing on the TV. Caddy Shack was starting and the Gopher was dancing on the screen behind him, copying his moves almost step for step.  The boy looked up and yelled out, “Daddy looks like da gopher!” Gopher started spinning when he was just 15 years old.  Over [classified] years later, he still loves it — it shows when he’s dancing around during his shows like one of the guests.  His personal favorite era for music is the 80’s.  He believes music should provide you with a feeling of happiness, even if that music is karaoke! He is also a Star Wars fan and has won masquerades as his own Sith character, “Darth Flatulence”.


Gopher will be mcing main room Friday and Saturday nights, including Saturday night’s New Year’s Eve Behemoth of a party!  He will also be hosting a how-to panel on DJing on Saturday at 2pm.


Katherine Curtis, “The Naked Nerd” — katherinecurtis.com

We wouldn’t dare speak for this lady, so here’s her bio in her own words:

I’m Kat. I’m a fiercely passionate vegan nerd girl who loves dystopian lit, Geoff Johns’ work, Star Wars, Neil Gaiman, Strangers In Paradise, my PS3, Avatar comics, RPGs, geeking out, and being naked.  I joined Naked News in 2008, and created a segment based on stuff I love, called the Naked Nerd.  Comic books, video games, science-fiction… if it’s nerdy, Kat’s got you covered, baby! But this Naked Nerd isn’t content to rest on her laurels. I continue to write scripts and produce segments for everything from the Naked League Squad Patrol: Action Division to the Game Spot. Also, I’ve interviewed such notables as comic book legend Bob Layton, Least I Could Do/LFG’s Lar and Sohmer, BarBara Luna, zombie fiction expert Max Brooks, and writer/director Kevin Smith, I’m a regular on the renowned comics podcast ‘The Watchtower’, and was a nominee in Wired.com’s “Sexiest Geeks 2009″ contest! (Though I think my Mommy may have nominated me.)  Keep your eyes peeled…I might be geeking out at a con near you!

Katherine Curtis will be featured in events including a special “pregnancy edition” of Paint Team Naked, Friday at 11PM


The Women of Valour

Futurecon’s very own calendar models and photographers will be on site to sign autographs, take pictures, run panels, and party with the masses!  Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the 2012 calendar!




Andre Arruda — antigiant.com 

Andre H Arruda has performed Stand- Up (Sit-Down) for about ten years performing all over Canada. His comedy has been described as being filled with Lewis Black like rants blended with Bill Cosby like stories about his life and all the, “Handicrap,” he deals with daily as a physically disabled, “three foot something” man living in a world of giants. Sprinkled with Nerdy Pop cultured references.  Some of Arruda’s television & film credits include, The Jon Dore Television Show, Kenny Vs Spenny, & The Ron James Show And the yet to be released The Story of Luke. Staring Seth Green, Cary Elwes and Kristan Bauer. He has also appeared in the DVD An Evening with Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder.  It has been a life long dream of Andre’s to perform at Futurecon 2: The Wrath of Con! Yes he knows that this is the second year of the Con. What you don’t know is that his Mobility Scoter is Actually a Time Machine. Andre’s been aware of Futurecon for over 100 years now and knows what’s going to happen. All he can tell you is that it will be Awesome!  For more on Andre…  videos pics and upcoming appearances. Check out his website www.Antigiant.com and Follow his random/informative/ silly / slightly offensive tweets: @Antigiant.

Andre is performing on the main stage on Friday at 8pm


Meghan Morrison — meghanmorrison.com

Imagine Alanis in Wonderland having tea with Charles Dickens and The Cranberries. The image is a dynamic and emotive blend of dark and light sounds that characterize this Ethereal Indie Rocker hailing from the East Coast of Canada. After completing a two part tour that spurred the creation of Dara’s Wedding Tour Souvenir (2009), an album picked up by an impressive 90% of American radio stations submitted to during a campaign with the Sutton Music Group, Morrison planted her roots in Toronto in order to further develop her band, sound and vision. This incubation led to the founding of a 5 piece band, the release of “[Lark] We Are All Born Naked”, as well as the creation of “Meghan Morrison’s Online Indie Jam”; an interactive jam and performance program that has been streaming live from Meghan’s website via Ustream for over a full year, featuring different independent artists every week and a yearly art auction in support of The Daily Bread food bank. With ambitious songwriting, a voice that “reaches from powerful [to] sorrowful, and everywhere in between” (Party in Kingston), and a live show that is “super duper cupcake bakin rock” (Lipstik Indie), this new artist is making her own waves, while staying true to her weird and ‘odd duck’ nature. “Though most of my lyrics are written in the second person, they are actually very introverted. And though I am an incessant giggler, my songs are often quite serious and dark. I’ve been told that I’m a walking contradiction. I like that. It feels human.” – Meghan Morrison.

Meghan and her band are performing on the main stage at 8:30pm



Nerds With Guitars — nerdswithguitars.com

Nerds With Guitars is the unholy love child borne of tech-nerd / guitar wizard Sean “Guitar Sean” May, and lit-nerd / geek-chic frontman Alex “Big Al” James. Simply put, N.W.G. is here to save the day with their eclectic songs ranging from robots and Sith lords to bad fashion choices and revenge best served hot. The boys think of themselves as Nerd Folk Prophets and strive to deliver the good word to the masses. N.W.G is gaining fans, somehow, and play regular shows in the Toronto area, including gigs at Toronto Underground Cinema, Rancho Relaxo and other nerdy gatherings, mostly thanks to their official status as the Nerd Mafia’s Minstrels. Their EP is due in 2011, and is tentatively titled “This Is What You Get For Stealing Our Lunch Money”.

*Nerds With Guitars are performing at the Dinner and Show Spectacular.  An extra ticket is required for admission to this event.


The Amazing Darkstone “Boylesque”

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!  The surprise sensation from last year’s dinner show is back for the sequel!  Join us to discover what amazing science fiction story will be re-imagined in striptease… or join us and hide your eyes if this freaks you out: it is for charity. In a past life, the Amazing Darkstone began a professional wrestling career in October 2000 with the EWF with a show at Toronto’s Humber College.  Darkstone made his UWA Hardcore Wrestling debut during their second show in the Grad Prix tournament against Brandon Reed.  He quickly rose through the UWA, capturing the UWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship in a single night tournament. He then captured the NSW (New School Wrestling) World Championship from Steve Brown. Darkstone defended both titles for a time and went on to become the longest reigning NSW Champion in history, eventually vacating the title when he was unable to defend it due to a scheduling conflict. The Amazing Darkstone has gone on to wrestle all across Canada and has captured additional titles in PWR (Pro Wrestling Riot) and GCW (Great Canadian Wrestling).  He discovered, however, that he can make more money for charity taking his clothes off and not getting kicked in the head. Note: We were informed last year by the Montrealers that Naked Dave nakedness is not real nakedness in the province of Quebec.  We Ontarians are big sissies.

*The Amazing Darkstone will be shaking his dilithium crystals at the Dinner and Show Spectacular.  An extra ticket is required for admission to this event.


The Jilted Lovers Club — jiltedloversclub.com

The four members of The Jilted Lovers Club were brought together in 2010 by a mutual love of infectious tunes, a disdain for heartbreak and a desire to immerse you in an unforgettable pop-rock experience. This is an open invitation to indulge in sing-along melodies and danceable beats, and experience a club show reminiscent of acts such as Blondie, The Ting Tings, and The Pretenders. Led by front woman Nikki Ashworth, whose powerful voice and playful charisma will grab you from the opening notes, The Jilted Lovers Club has already begun their aural assault on Toronto with shows at the Horseshoe, the Drake and Lee’s Palace, and the fantastic reception of their debut EP “Hope You Are Well”. They hope you can join them in their quest to mend broken hearts by singing out loud.

*The Jilted Lovers Club will be playing at the Dinner and Show Spectacular.  An extra ticket is required for admission to this event.


Adam Hodgins and the High Road Desperados

Hailing originally from Nipigon Ontario, Adam “Nippy” Hodgins is a true outlaw: he has to constantly recruit new posse members. However, rumors of his drummers exploding like in Spinal Tap are moderately-to-greatly exaggerated. He says “The Desperados are a band of friends that love to get together and bring Good Music to good people… we are what we are, and are not looking to become the next big thing.  We just look at every gig as an opportunity to have as much fun as we possible can.” This humility is what we at Futurecon have started referring to as “The High Road”.  Last year, the band became the Starlighters while Adam channelled Marty McFly.  This year, you get to experience them in their natural habitat: playing timeless rock and roll that spans the ages. The Desperadoes (currently) are: Adam “Nippy” Hodgins – Vocals and Guitar Dan “The Man” Sommers – Drums John “Undead” Cross – Bass Matt “Intolerant” Kelly – Guitar

*The High Road Desperadoes will be playing at the Dinner and Show Spectacular.  An extra ticket is required for admission to this event.

Flashback at 88 MPH!