A sneak peek at Futurecon 4’s programming!

by Futurecon on December 2, 2013

You’ve asked, we’re answering!  We’re just putting the finishing touches on the schedule for this year, but here are some of the things you can see and do at Futurecon 4, December 30th – January 1st at the Radisson Toronto East!

December 30th — The Futurecon Arcade

The opening ceremonies activities were extremely popular last year, and we’ve had requests for more activities with greater diversity for people who are a bit more laid back.  So we’ve created the Futurecon Arcade so that everyone can have fun, with lots of opportunities to earn Behemoth Bucks!  What are Behemoth Bucks?  They’re karma tokens you earn throughout the weekend for doing cool things, and you can spend them to do more cool things, get late-night refreshments in our hospitality suite, or win cool stuff at the Behemoth Bucks auction!

5pm: Registration opens.  Meet and greet in the nearby lounge.

7pm: Orientation — We recommend this for everyone this year, because we’re at a new hotel.

7:30pm: The games begin!  Join in our “Analog Video Games” as a great way to meet new people and make new friends in our main room!  All activities in this room are appropriate for all ages, chronological and emotional. :)

Less active?  We have special editions of numerous popular board games like Star Wars Stratego, and Lord of the Rings Monopoly!

Feeling really daring?  Enter the nerf room!

Also, if you’ve pre-ordered food for this night, this is when it’s served!  Save room for our annual chocolate tasting — 20 kinds of premium chocolate for you to sample, included in your admission!

8:30pm: Our second room opens, for those who prefer more “mature” entertainment.  Enjoy a game of Cards Against Humanity as you enjoy  Burlesque with Kenickie Street, Antigiant comedy with Yuk Yuks Headliner Andre Arruda, and Karaoke With Karsten!  (Karaoke will run until approximately 1AM, with last requests being accepted at 12:30)


11pm – 2am: Head upstairs to room 916 for a more casual party before you head to bed.  Got the munchies?  Order your fast food indulgence at reg desk before 11pm to have it delivered to you upstairs!

December 31st — The Main Event!

11am: Get a jump on the day with our complimentary retro cartoon brunch, a yearly Futurecon tradition.  Wear your PJs if you like!

1pm: Choose your own adventure!  Any fan of video game RPGs knows that a good party has at least one fighter, rogue and mage, so we have Happenings for all three classes.  Earn Behemoth Bucks the way that seems the most fun!

Fighters and their squires will build cardboard armor to see if they can best last year’s champions!  This is best for those hardcore costume makers and crafty people who love making fantasy armor!

Rogues will participate in a jewel hunt, where they’ll have to bargain and “borrow” gems from various locations in the hotel.  This is a good choice for those who like to move around and use their charm and wits to locate the gems and solve riddles to earn them!

Mages will create spells, potions, and their own army of custom action figure minions!  Make sure you get the incantations right!  Okay Harry Potter fans, you can call yourselves wizards if you like!  This choice is best for those who like to use their imaginations to create “spells”, as well as those who enjoyed last year’s action figure customization.

4pm: The Grand Tournament — This is a chance to show off and share all your hard work!  The fighters will participate in a tournament, the mages will present their spells, and the rogues will present their gem totals.  Behemoth Bucks will be awarded!

5:30pm: The Futurecon Red Carpet — get your photo taken while you’re all spiffied up for dinner!  Then go get your seats for the banquet

Instant Play casting — The Futurecon Instant Play is a five minute play the actors learn in one hour.  This year’s play, written by award-winning author Derwin Mak, theorizes that Dr Who is a secret British Government plan for world domination!

6:30pm: Instant Play, then Behemoth Buffet!  — The table that the performers think is the best audience gets to eat first!

9pm: FUTURECON SPECIAL PRESENTATION… FROMAGE 2013 — Ed the Sock’s wildly popular skewering of popular music videos is back, and the only place you can see it is at Futurecon!

10pm: Futurecon’s New Year’s Eve party with DJ Karsten School and the silent auction benefiting Big Brothers and Sisters of Orillia and Region.

1am: Futurecon After-Hours: a casual after party on the top floor of the hotel that goes as long as you do!

January 1st, 2013: The Future!

The hotel is extending its hot breakfast service for Futurecon attendees.  Exact times TBA

1pm: The Behemoth Bucks Auction! — Those bucks you’ve been earning the whole event can win you stuff!  Always a favorite!


These are just a sampling of the Happenings at Futurecon 4.  More details will be posted as we finalize the schedule!

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Futurecon is a science fiction convention held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and sponsored by Liana K, Ed the Sock, and their affiliated company Kerzner MediaArts. “Fear is the lengthened shadow of ignorance. The sooner we bring epilepsy out of the shadows, the sooner we replace fear with education. In that future, my son will be seen as an equal person, instead of the bearer of some scary illness.” - Arnold H Glasow

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