Futurecon Supports Pride!

by Futurecon on June 28, 2013


There’s a lot to be proud of this weekend with the reduced stigma facing same-sex couples in the wake of the historic US Supreme Court decisions on marriage equality.
Also, Futurecon loves parties!  Pride Toronto is a huge party!  So remember these tips on partying safe, because safe parties are fun parties:


– Eat well before you leave home.  Food is a thing people need to live.
– If you drink, consume alcohol in moderation.  Don’t drink and drive!
– Make sure your cell phone is fully charged!  Keep it handy!
– Have both a plan A and a plan B regarding how you’re getting home.  Things happen in big parties.
– Use the buddy system, even for cigarette and bathroom breaks.  Have at least one trusted friend with you at all times.
– Trust your own judgement: don’t let peer pressure cause you to do things your instincts say are wrong.
– Practice safe sex!  Remember that safe sex involves more than condoms.  It involves knowing you’re mentally, physically, and emotionally ready for the experience, and trusting the person you are with!
– You do not NEED sex, drugs, or alcohol to have fun!  Pride is full of shows and events!  Futurecon recommends the Nerd Girl Burlesque show, Viagra Village Stage, Church and Wellesley, Sunday at 8pm!

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Futurecon is a science fiction convention held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and sponsored by Liana K, Ed the Sock, and their affiliated company Kerzner MediaArts. “Fear is the lengthened shadow of ignorance. The sooner we bring epilepsy out of the shadows, the sooner we replace fear with education. In that future, my son will be seen as an equal person, instead of the bearer of some scary illness.” - Arnold H Glasow

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