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by Futurecon on January 8, 2013

Futurecon_ShirtcropCan’t stop the signal!  Thanks to comics publisher UysFaber for helping us get our larger message out!

“In 2012, we saw people within our community question the legitimacy of “fake nerds”; we saw the berating of cosplayers, and slut shaming. But we are in a new year now, and we as fans are better than this.

“As the website says, “Futurecon is an organization committed to positive social change through fun events and activities. [Their] focus is reducing the stigma associated with various conditions.”

“This year was the second time I’d rung in the New Year with Futurecon, and like last year, I left inspired. Liana speaks of kindness and understanding: the Futurecon code of conduct makes it clear that while you may not like someone, you can still be civil and polite. But kindness is not confined to the event; we should carry it across our lives. And so I bring forward Liana’s challenge to all of you: let’s be patient, let’s accept one another, and let’s be kind. You do not have to like someone, or their behaviour, but there is no reason for slander or cruelty.  We can all come together as a community and make 2013 the year when the nerds not only unite, but take over!  So join me in carrying this spirit throughout the year, and hopefully I will see you all at Futurecon IV.”

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Futurecon is a science fiction convention held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and sponsored by Liana K, Ed the Sock, and their affiliated company Kerzner MediaArts. “Fear is the lengthened shadow of ignorance. The sooner we bring epilepsy out of the shadows, the sooner we replace fear with education. In that future, my son will be seen as an equal person, instead of the bearer of some scary illness.” - Arnold H Glasow

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