About Us

“Good Times for Good Causes”  — The Futurecon Motto

Futurecon is an anti-stigma organization that believes doing good should feel good.  Futurecon educates in a positive space to lift various socio-economic barriers to success, and has raised over $10,000 for various charities

Our flagship event is a three day new year’s eve party.  Our latest beneficiary is a chapter of Big Brothers and Sisters Canada.

We truly believe that small, happy efforts can make the world a better place!

Throughout the year, we lend our support to various organizations like Epilepsy Toronto, Casey House, Big Brothers and Sisters, and Second Harvest.

What is stigma?

Stigma happens to people who have something different about them.  That something is considered “bad”, so they are ostracized, insulted and attacked.  Stigma is very common for people with mental or physical disabilities, but it also impacts other groups through stereotypes.

Why is it important to reduce stigma?

Putting one group of people down based on things they can’t control has been scientifically proven to hurt the entire culture, even reducing the GDP of some countries!  Diversity is important for innovation, and innovation is important for a strong economy.  When people are not able to contribute to their community, everyone loses.

Futurecon has had numerous performers, craftspeople and volunteers who live with stigmatized conditions.  By providing them with these opportunities, we allow them to show their talents, and encourage others with similar challenges to make more out of their lives.

If you’re a performer who would like to support Futurecon, or if you’d like to donate to our events, please contact us through one of the following methods:

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To contact Futurecon, email contact@@@futurecon.org

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